Concerned about a headache? Chest pains? Before searching your symptoms, take a look here!

Have you ever found yourself performing an online symptom search, only to come to the distressing realization that your symptoms are associated with a serious medical issue? If so, there's a chance you've fallen victim to Cyberchondria!

There's a wide range of medical information available on the web today. Without a doubt, this enormous collection of information is helpful for a handful of reasons: Informative websites provide medical information in a more accessible manner than ever before, and health blogs allow ailing individuals to connect with one another. However, certain ways in which websites present this medical information can generate undue health anxiety in searchers. It is this phenomenon, Cyberchondria, in which a simple medical search on the web can lead to excessive medical searching and a subsequent conviction that a particular set of symptoms is a sign of a serious (but highly unlikely) condition.


The goal of this website is to provide internet users with information regarding the medical information found on the internet. By doing so, we hope to help people become more informed users who are able to take advantage of this great amount of material while avoiding any needless health anxiety it may cause. To start learning, click here.