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Last updated: December 8, 2019
Cyberchondria in the News


Related Material
Cyberchondria in Literature


2008: Cyberchondria: Studies of the Escalation of Medical Concerns in Web Search - This 2008 research performed by Ryen White and Eric Horvitz of Microsoft provides a comprehensive look at how online search engines have the potential to escalate user's medical concerns.

2013: Cyberchondria: Towards a Better Understanding of Excessive Health-Related Internet Use - This article defines cyberchondria as an"excessive or repeated search for health-related information on the Internet, driven by distress or anxiety about health, which only amplifies such distress or anxiety."

2016: The Cyber Effect - This cyberpsychology book by Mary Aiken discusses ways in which the internet changes human behavior. An entire chapter of the book is dedicated to Cyberchondria.

2019: The relationships between health anxiety, online health information seeking, and cyberchondria: Systematic review and meta-analysis. - This review discovers positive correlations between health anxiety and online information seeking and between health anxiety and cyberchondria.

2019: The impact of internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy for health anxiety on cyberchondria. - The authors of this paper found internet cognitive behavioral therapy to improve cyberchondria.

2018: Dr. Google Is a Liar (

2018: Always worried about your health? You may be dealing with health anxiety disorder (


2017: Sick But Not Sick -A review by Jerome Groopman on a book that focuses on how the mind can produce physical symptoms. (


2017: 13 Things you know if you have health anxiety (


2012: Safe Infant Sleep Recommendations on the Internet: Let's Google It - An article that assesses the quality of infant sleep safety found by internet searches (

Anxiety Resources

No More Panic - A website with a great deal of information regarding anxiety. This includes a forum in which users can interact, asking questions and sharing stories about their own anxiety. Though this forum is useful in terms of connecting with others, be aware that the actual medical information presented may not be the most accurate.  (

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